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Business Testimonials

- Savvy Saver Was our Former Name - 


Mac's at the Vets


“Hello Brian,Just a quick note to thank you for the advertising opportunity you have provided with your publication. We have advertised with Hometown Savvy™ magazine for over a year now and have been very pleased with the results and the return on Investment. I tracked the discount amount against the additional sales volume for the first year and after our advertising expense and discount amount on coupons the additional contribution to gross sales exceeded $12,000. This program works. Particularly in the challenging economic conditions we continue to experience, it is important to offer an incentive that is easy to track and quantify. Hometown Savvy™ provides that opportunity.While some patrons take advantage of the coupons without spending a lot beyond the minimum required to receive the discount, they are certainly the minority. Most of the Hometown Savvy™ patrons spend significantly more which of course minimizes the impact of the discount. It is an excellent program that truly does get butts in seats. For any restaurant owner that is looking at empty seats on any kind of a regular basis, I highly recommend Hometown Savvy™ as a way to fill them.It is truly a pleasure to work with a professional like yourself Brian, we look forward to maintaining our presence in the market and offering incentive to potential patrons through your publication.”


Patrick S. McCallum, Owner
Mac’s Restaurant & Night Club

Massage Envy


“I wanted to thank you so much for putting together the Hometown Savvy™ magazine. I live in Portland and I am use to quality direct mall pieces at a competitive price. In April when I opened another Massage Envy franchise in Eugene, there was absolutely NO quality direct mail advertising to reach my target market. I was forced to use the local newspaper (which is a tremendous cost with little results) and other more costly methods for print advertising.In early summer another start up direct mail advertiser (whom I shall not name) came to me with an idea and I jumped on it due to the need for this type of advertising, but the product never was printed or delivered as promised. I even was forced to take civil action to recoup the money I paid up front for the production.Then you came in to my store with a great product and a promise to deliver. You were very professional in your approach and I could immediately tell that you were the real deal and the magazine would be a success. The magazine came out and my phone was ringing for a week straight……. I am so impressed with the product, yourself, and the response I want to sign up for an annual contract.Brian, again I just want to thank you for filling a huge void in Lane County and for your professionalism. If anyone ever has any questions about you or your service please feel free to use me as a reference.”


Derik Ford, OWNER
Massage Envy

Justus McCann

Justus McCann Ad Ex.jpg

“I have been advertising with Hometown Savvy™ since June 2010 and have had excellent results. My call volume always increases greatly within the first couple weeks after an issue comes out and the increased business I have gained as a result of the ad has been well worth the investment.”


Justus McCann,
Law Offices of Justus McCann, LLC


Papa Murphy's

“I have used Hometown Savvy™ numerous times over the last 3 years. Customer response to the ad is immediate and continues with less frequency over the next 4 – 6 weeks. We are able to make changes to art close to publish date which allows for changes in marketing strategy.We have received great customer service and the product has relative cost is low when compared to TV, newspaper insert or solo mail. Highly recommend.”


Richard Johnson|
Managing Partner
RMK Foods, LLC dba Papa Murphy’s


Mod Pod

“I have tried many types of advertising from radio to door flyers and nothing has been as effective or as easy to track as the Hometown Savvy™. I also love the quality of the ad as well as the great ad design. I see results the first day people find this in their mailbox.”


Jessica Klein,
Mod Pod


Absolute Automotive

“I have found the Hometown Savvy™ a first class publication, that continues to provide excellent results. Best of all, Brian takes the time to target his publication to reach the correct audience, and provides proof of quantity mailed!”


Jud Garlock
Absolute Automotive


Off the Waffle

“Hometown Savvy™ continuously helps bring new customers in the door.”


Omer – Owner Off The Waffle



“We have been using Hometown Savvy™ for a number of years and have had great success. We run in every issue and although we may change formats we have a consistent message and presence in the flyer. For the marketing dollars I spend I feel I get one of the best, if not the best, return from the Hometown Savvy™. Brian has done a great job in helping us and I am happy to be one of his clients. I was unsure about this type of marketing when I started with Brian but not any more. If you are considering this type of marketing my advice is to do it and track it. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.”


Chris Shonnard
Shonnard’s Nursey Florist and Landscape


Red Wing Shoes

“We have a very limited advertising budget and the Hometown Savvy™ does an excellent job creating brand awareness for Red Wing Shoes. Our coupon redemption rate more than pays for the cost of the ads. More importantly, Brian Dramen is hard-working and professional. I recommend Brian and the Hometown Savvy™ team to anyone that wants to grow their business.” 


David Michaels
Retail Store Manager
Red Wing Shoes #220

Big Town Hero


“As a local owner of a restaurant in Eugene, Oregon I have been excited about the results that we have been getting from the Hometown Savvy™. We usually get at least 10 coupons a day in our location. We have tried other direct mail companies in the past without getting a good response. Thanks again for your help.”


Harry Cardoza
Big Town Hero

“Wow! That last drop hit us hard. We were redeeming up to $300 a day in coupons for the first weekend at each store. We actually ran out of bread twice trying to keep up with the stream of customers. I think it was positive for us, especially coupled with the great weather the week after the drop.”

K Wells
Big Town Hero

In Shape Fitness


“I have seen first-hand the high volume of foot traffic that the Hometown Savvy™ has brought through my door and thus increasing my membership. Brian has always been incredibly helpful and he researches the market to bring qualified leads. I have been a happy customer of the Hometown Savvy™ and will continue to use this as my strongest direct marketing approach.”


Melisa Nicol,
Owner In Shape Athletic Club

Real Deals


“Yeah Hometown Savvy™!! Day one brought in 26 coupons. 9 were brand new people into our Fan Club which is really important.”


Rebekah Hadlock
Corvallis OR

Oklahoma BBQ


“After having a bad experience with another coupon book company, we decided to try a coupon in the Hometown Savvy™. We have had a good response with the coupons so far. Many of the people who have come in with a coupon have told us that they have thought about stopping at our place many times, but it was the coupon that gave them the excuse that they needed. We think that this is a great tool for helping us to build a larger customer base and we plan to continue using the Hometown Savvy™. Brian has been great to work with and we definitely recommend that other local businesses use the Hometown Savvy™ to promote business.”


Liz Olson and Aaron Speck
Oklahoma Smokehouse BBQ

Healthy Homes


“Hey Brian just wanted to update you on how well the Hometown Savvy™ in working for me in Eugene/Springfield, Since the my first mailing last Sept 2010 I have done over $110,000 dollars in sales from Hometown Savvy™ in The Lane County market alone. The crazy thing is that Winter & Spring has always been my “slow” season but this year the calls have keep coming in even months after the magazine goes out. Hey If you want I can send you a picture of the pile of coupons I got last month. Less than a year ago I did not have a business at all in Eugene/Springfield and now we are sending a full time truck everyday. In the last 6 months I have tried Groupon, yellow pages, radio, flyers, and lots of othere direct mail coupons with very little success. I like the fact that people hold onto your magazine they don’t just throw it away. I also tend to get higher income households. Please let me know if you ever plan on offering online ads I think it would be a good supplement. Thanks for all your hard work!”


Anthony Reyes
Healthy Home Carpet Cleaning

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