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Advertising Standards

Last Updated 11/24/2018

Merchants, by using this site and posting to our calendars you are agreeing to our:

  1. Terms of Use

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Merchant Terms of Use


This site ("Site") is operated by Metro411, LLC dba Hometown Savvy.  Hometown Savvy, it's parent company (Dean's Landing, Inc. dba Savvy Media Co.), affiliates and third party vendors as well as regulatory agencies may, without discrimination, restrict certain posts from being placed on the site.   This includes but is not limited to the items stated in our advertising standards as stated below:



By posting content on our site you agree to abide by these minimum advertising standards.  Your postings will be reviewed by us to ensure compliance.  Posts that are non-compliant with these standards our anything in our Merchant Terms of Use will be removed from the site. Your account and access may be deleted and removed if you do not comply with our advertising standards or any of our terms.

Specifically, Not Allowed in Any Content Posted to the Site:

  • Content related to the Cannabis industry, buying, selling, manufacturing or using Cannabis or any promotion of Cannabis including Cannabis related events.  Hometown Savvy has the sole determination if your posting complies with this standard.

  • No Political or Religious Events or other postings are allowed (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy)

  • Contains statements that are deceptive, false or misleading.

  • Content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including but not limited to trademark, copyright or other personal or proprietary rights.

  • Nudity or sexually provocative content.

  • Animated GIFs.

  • Weapons, explosives, ammunition, or unsafe products (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy)

  • False, deceptive or misleading content.

  • Disrespectful or violent content or content intended or with the unintended potential to be Disrespectful or create/stir violence in any form (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy).

  • Links to non-functional web pages or to pages not matching the product or brand being advertised on the Site.

  • Links to any website or page that provides, refers or links to any advertising services similar to those available on the Site (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy).

  • Spyware or malware or links to sites containing spyware or malware.

  • Tobacco products.

  • Lotteries, online real money gambling or games of skill or links to sites offering Lotteries, online real money gambling or games of skill.

  • Dating, Dating Services, pornography, sexual solicitation or links to sites offering Dating or Dating services, pornography, sexual solicitation (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy).

  • Pharmacies or nutritional Supplements or links to sites offering Pharmacy products or Nutritional Supplements (determined at the sole discretion of Hometown Savvy).

  • Statements that any product listed has, provides, offers or potentially offers any kind of health or wellness benefit.

  • Links to any page or other advertisement that provides Hometown Savvy or trademarked material without the express written permission of Hometown Savvy

  • Any statement or links to any page or advertisement that provides or implies (directly or indirectly) any statement whereby Hometown Savvy provides any kind of endorsement of Your business, products, services or other.

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